Buuz - Meat filled dumplings (Beef) steamed and served with carrot and potato salads - 18

Khuushuur - Meat filled dumplings (Beef) fried and served with cabbage salad - 15

Bansh - Chicken dumplings in broth (Soup) with sliced carrots and fresh dill - 12

Vegetarian Buuz - Steamed dumplings filled with spinach, shiitake mushroom and tofu served with carrot and potato salads - 18

Pelmeni (Appetizer) - Russian style chicken dumplings served with sour cream and fresh dill - 8


Lapsha - Beef noodle soup with fresh made-to-order noodles, shredded carrot and sliced green onions - 10

Borsch - Russian beet and beef soup served with sour cream and fresh dill - 12

Beef and Lamb

Lamb Riblets (when available) - Seasoned pan fried lamb riblets served with rice and carrot salad - 22

​Gulyash - Tender cubed beef seasoned and slow simmered in a tomato base with bell peppers served with rice and cabbage salad - 16


Green Salad - Mixed baby greens with shredded carrots topped with roasted pumpkin seeds - 6

Kimchi - Korean fermented spicy cabbage - 5

​Occasional Specials

​Golubtsy - Russian cabbage rolls filled with meat and rice in tomato sauce - 20

Shepherd's Pie - Seasoned beef or lamb topped with mashed potatoes - 18

Baked Chicken - Whole leg and thigh baked in Mongolian seasonings - 16

Mantuu Buuz - Steamed lamb dumplings with raised dough served with carrot and potato salads - 20


Sante Adairius Rustic Ales & Santa Cruz Ale Works on tap - 7.50/6 pint

Nice selection of red and white wines. House wines - 7g/24b, featured wines - 9g/30b and a little bubbly - 7

Sodas, Juices, mineral water as well as coffee and teas also available - 3