About Oyunaa's Mongolian Cuisine:


​Oyunaa was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She was always the cook of her family. When she moved to Santa Cruz in 2005, she introduced traditional Mongolian food to many of the people she met. Without fail, those who were lucky enough to try Oyunaa's REAL Mongolian fare always came back wanting more.


Succulent steamed meat dumplings the Mongols call Buuz (pronounced Boodz), fried  dumplings called Khuushuur (pronounced Ho Sure) and dumplings in soup they call Bansh. All served with a variety of Eurasian salads. Add in a few Russian dishes and you get an idea of what to expect at Oyunaa's.


All of our meals are prepared fresh and are hand made from scratch each and every day. This is NOT fast food. Please plan your evening accordingly and allow ample time to enjoy your dining experience.


We welcome you to Oyunaa's Mongolian Cuisine to experience the flavors from the land of Chinggis Khaan!


Oyunaa's is open for Dinner

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 5pm - 9pm

Friday and Saturday 5pm - 10pm

​Closed Tuesday & Sunday


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